Microsoft's Edge Chromium browser is arriving in January

In fact, the new browser when launched should bring in a little good news for the users who are appalled by the bloated Google Chrome browser that attempts to take too much liberties.

What Microsoft is doing with the Edge browser is almost the same as that of the Open Source Google Chromium project which is actually in beta testing now.

Edge is now available on three channels depending on your comfort-level when it comes to dealing with new builds and inevitable bugs. This competitive backdrop adds some extra intrigue to Microsoft's shift, as Chromium rose to prominence partly due to its ties to Chrome. We now know the launch date for Chromium Edge: January 15th. It is readily available in extra than 90 languages.

Edg was first released for Windows 10 and Xbox One back in 2015. Microsoft is making huge changes to Edge and hopes a fresh icon can clear Microsoft's tumultuous browser history. This makes it easy for people to query a name, title, or other individual attributes for that person, such as building locations and more, without knowing their entire name and correct spelling.

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It's Microsoft's focus on business customers that spurred the company to rebuild Edge around Chromium. This experience is available across Microsoft 365 and Microsoft Search in Bing.

It's been nearly 11 months since Microsoft announced that it would rebuild its Edge browser around the open source Chromium technology Google built for Chrome.

A new logo for Edge was also officially released today.

If you have followed the fluent design on the Microsoft Apps in recent times, the new Edge logo appears to be in tune. That is exactly what would explain why it opted for the Chromium based browsers - an engine that powers the Google Chrome browser as well. Microsoft expanded on the latter today by revealing that the new Edge will feature new tracking protections that are enabled by default.

  • Delia Davidson