Microsoft's new Edge logo erases bad memories of Internet Explorer

The new logo still looks like an "e" but more in line with the company's push for a "Fluent design" language. Microsoft's new logo was discovered as part of a new surfing mini game hidden inside the latest Canary versions of Edge.

It is worth noting that the older UWP version of Microsoft Edge already had Windows Defender Application Guard, so this is Microsoft bringing the newer Chromium-based browser up to speed.

Just like all its other logos, this one also spells out the letter e, but it no longer looks similar to Internet Explorer, and looks a lot more modernized.

Unlike Internet Explorer, the Edge icon was revealed in an elaborate Easter Egg hunt where Microsoft employees posted cryptic clues to a series of puzzles and images. It's not clear what Microsoft's reasoning was behind choosing this new icon, or if it's official as of yet, but it can be assumed that there's a subtle reference to "surfing" the web. The main goal of the Microsoft Edge browser is to tap the market share on non-Windows devices and also to compete with Vivaldi and Opera.

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The Android app hasn't yet been updated with the new icon, but that will probably happen once the desktop browser switches over. That said, Microsoft has not yet announced a release version.

To be fair, you shouldn't eat the logo either.

Microsoft is now working towards the Edge browser based on Google's Chromium open-source engine.

  • Delia Davidson