Overwatch 2 release date is at least a year away

It's not now known whether the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One versions of the game will require PlayStation Plus or Xbox Live Gold to play, or whether players will be able to get away with just having a stable internet connection.

There are also rumours floating about that the original Overwatch will go free-to-play once Overwatch 2 hits the market.

From what we can see, Overwatch 2 will also be introducing several new feature and gameplay elements. In an interview with VG247, game director Jeff Kaplan Blizzard pretty much confirmed that the game is more than a year out.

Thanks to Youtuber ohnickel we get the chance to show you two hours of gameplay footage from the event.

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Towards the end of the panel, Kaplan approved the platforms on which the game will be published. "What's essential to us at Blizzard, on all our video games, is that the sport is superior and the gamers are like 'Sure, that is prepared and now's the time'".

So, Diablo 4 will be available as a base game, and as I said we're going to have expansions. The important thing is that it's great.

When asked why they chose to announce the game so early, and what the plus and minuses are to that decision, the development team revealed why it was important to share the news at such an early stage. That's what we care about more than anything. Every single skin, player icon, spray, emote, and more will carry over into Overwatch 2, where you'll have access to those customisation options as well as a host of new ones. What everyone knows to date is that there are four new maps inside the pipeline alongside a model new hero that'll launch sooner than Sojourn. Overwatch 2 is now under development for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC platforms.

  • Delia Davidson