Team Biden Sends out Post-Debate Message...Hours Before Debate

The message was clearly worded to be sent after the debate's conclusion.

Buttigieg, despite his vulnerabilities-at just 37 years old, he is relatively inexperienced and is struggling to gain the support of African-American voters-earlier mostly coasted through the evening after two of his recent critics whiffed on direct confrontations.

Booker said he pushed back against Warren's plan during Wednesday's Democratic debate because "it would take years to figure out", telling CNN's Alisyn Camerota his plan is a better way to go about taxing the wealthy.

"Women are held to a higher standard".

He also defended his relative lack of experience, saying it was not traditional establishment Washington experience but "the right experience to take on Donald Trump".

Buttigieg entered the debate on the heels of an embarrassing gaffe.

Kamala Harris was recently asked about Buttigieg's campaign using a stock photo of a Kenyan woman to illustrate his "Douglass Plan," which his campaign has called "a comprehensive investment in the empowerment of black America".

But not only was Biden wrong about there only being one black female Senator, but he was completely ignoring that Sen.

Sanders' key policy proposal, Medicare for All, which dominated the previous four debates, did not take up much oxygen during Wednesday night's affair.

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The debate came at a critical juncture for the Democratic Party - less than three months before the first voting contests and with big questions hanging over the front-runners.

On Thursday, he will meet with Southern mayors in Atlanta before travelling to campaign in SC, where six in 10 Democratic voters are black. No U.S. president has lost reelection when the unemployment rate was below 7.4 percent, whereas it now is below 4 percent.

Democratic presidential hopeful Mayor Pete Buttigieg (L) and his husband Chasten (R) speak during a town hall event in Walpole, November 10, 2019.

California Sen. Kamala Harris previously launched another apparent broadside at Gabbard over the controversial 2017 Syria summit, but was rapped in return by Gabbard for "continuing to traffic in lies and smears and innuendos".

Sen. Bernie Sanders said Wednesday night he agrees with former President Barack Obama's recent comments that the average American does not want to tear down the current political system.

Warren, who is campaigning on the platform of getting money out of politics, also said that no donor would be appointed ambassador under her presidency.

"Do you seriously think anybody on this stage is proposing invading Mexico?" he asked incredulously. "One of the foreign leaders you mentioned meeting was [Syrian dictator] Bashar al-Assad".

Former Vice President Joe Biden used the moment to tout his strength among people who view him as most able to beat Trump in 2020. After a passel of debates that had been wildly oversubscribed and caught fire more for personality conflict than policy difference, the MSNBC and Washington Post debate was rigorously moderated and governed by questions meant to draw out differences of belief rather than of rhetorical style.

But Wednesday night's encounter did underscore a crucial difference between two of the top candidates circling Iowa: As Buttigieg sought to command the stage with his rhetoric, speaking of a "tender moment" coming at the end of a Trump presidency or the overarching need to unify the nation, Warren dove into the details, using nearly every question posed to her as an opportunity to dig into one of her plans, and occasionally urging her opponents to agree with her.

  • Sonia Alvarado