Tesla Cybertruck launched: futuristic looking electric pick-up truck

It's certainly something we've never seen in a truck before.

The Cybertruck is clad in what Tesla refers to as "ultra-hard 30x cold-rolled stainless steel" on its website.

Musk claimed the Cybertruck could withstand massive amounts of force to its exterior, including bullets from a 9-millimeter handgun.

A man with a sledgehammer hit the sides of the truck without damaging it.

Musk went on to explain how he tries to drown out the thoughts that bother him.

Musk first teased the truck in 2013 and early this year promised it'd be coming soon.

The six-seater vehicle marks the first foray by Tesla, whose Model 3 sedan is the world's top-selling battery electric auto, into utes - a market dominated in the United States by the Ford F-150, along with models by General Motors and Chrysler.

According to Musk and co, the electric engine powered Cybertruck will be available in versions that can reach a range of 250 miles, 300 miles, and 500 miles, or just over 400km, 480km and 800km in Queen's English. That's only about $10,000 more the price of a base model Ford F-150, which starts at about $30,000. In comparison, the Cybertruck starts at $39,900.

Air suspension as standard gives the truck best in class 16 inch ground clearance, which means you can drop down low on the freeway and rise to 16-inch clearance off-road.

As well as unveiling the Cybertruck, Elon Musk had a surprise at the end of his on-stage presentation.

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"Oh, yeah", he said. He flipped down the truck's tailgate, extended a built in ramp, and rode it up into the bed.

Several media outlets, including Fox News, were barred from attending or broadcasting the event, which was livestreamed on YouTube by Tesla and by many attendees on social media. Back in June the Tesla CEO said of the pickup at a shareholder meeting: "Musk reiterated that the Tesla pickup will be more functional than a Ford F-150 but also a better sports auto than a basic Porsche 911". The company counts Amazon and Ford as major investors.

Whether the pickup will be a niche offering or a significant contributor to Tesla profits remains to be seen.

The electric carmaker is trying to take on a market that is now dominated by the likes of Ford and General Motors, both of whom make bestselling pickup trucks.

Whilst this auto won't be a seafaring vehicle, it is the first completely electric pickup truck that will be available in the United States.

There are still plenty of things to be worked out - how much the option could cost, what those "solar wings" might look like, whether it'll be ready at launch, etc.

General Motors, which is one of the top players in pickup segment, is going to develop and introduce an all-electric pickup.

"This obviously wasn't a true production vehicle, so Tesla gets a pass for now", said Akshay Anand, executive analyst at Kelley Blue Book. Musk has also said that the pickup will combine Porsche-level performance with utility.

Elon Musk has just unveiled a brand new product in the Tesla line, an electric vehicle called "cybertruck".

Tesla said production of the Cybertruck will begin in 2021.

  • Delia Davidson