Employee Says Surprise Bonus at Holiday Party Is ‘Life Changing’

It has since then, evolved from a small, local real estate developer into one of the largest and most successful privately held commercial real estate firms in the Mid-Atlantic region.

The bonus will be split among the employees, and the amount allocated will be based on years of service.

The bonuses were based on the number of years the employees had been at the company.

The President of St. John Properties, Lawrence Maykrantz said that the company had achieved a crucial milestone of developing 20 million square feet in real estate.

This bonus will be paid out in addition to the company's annual year-end bonus, as well as other benefits.

"I couldn't believe I saw what I saw".

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The 198 employees were each handed a red bonus envelope. "It's definitely life changing", she added.

Company founder and chairman Edward St. John said that the amount each employee will receive depends on tenure - but most will take home an average around $50,000, the New York Post reported.

St. John also stated that he was thankful for every one of his employees and wanted to express his gratefulness to them in a special way this holiday season.

The company reached the goal, which they set in 2005, earlier this month.

St. John Properties react to the news they will receive a shared $10 million bonus.

"We're a conservative company in that we have plenty of unrestricted reserves and we felt that regardless of how much we had in the reserves, that this was the best use for this $10 million", said Maykrantz. "Without the team, we are nothing-absolutely nothing".

  • Darren Santiago