Eskom load shedding raised to stage 4 on Monday

James Brent Styan, author of "Blackout - The Eskom Crisis", agreed with Mavuso that prolonged load-shedding is needed to fix Eskom.

"We remind customers that loadshedding at Stage 4 is no cause for alarm as the system is being effectively controlled".

Speaking in June at the Joburg Indaba conference, Mike Fraser, COO of South32, said the group had in its 2019 financial year experienced the highest volume of load shedding since 2015.

Eskom customers can check their load-shedding schedules on the Eskom website or through the customer contact centre on 086 003 7566.

"Load-shedding of this severity is likely to constrain our ability to provide water supply in the reticulation system across the whole of Cape Town in the usual way".

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South Africa was plunged into chaotic darkness on Monday evening: Unprecedented Stage 6 load shedding was enforced following a series of disasters at multiple plans. The possible stages for Krugersdorp on 10 December are 3, 6 and 2, which don't fall within the proposed Stage 4 time. According to the table provided, Krugersdorp should not be experiencing load-shedding on the day.

Fortunately Eskom reverted to Stage 4.

The latest round of so-called load-shedding started two days after the statistics office announced that gross domestic product shrank an annualised 0.6% in the three months through September, said Bloomberg.

You can also check your loadshedding schedule by downloading the Eskom Push app.

Load-shedding is becoming an increasingly regular occurrence. During Stage 4, 4000MW is rotationally loadshed nationally at a given period.

  • Sonia Alvarado