Prototype Nintendo Play Station to Be Auctioned

As their assets were organized to be liquidated, this Nintendo Play Station prototype that Olaf reportedly left behind was mixed into a mystery box lot that was auctioned by the company. Come 1991 though, and the deal with between Sony and Nintendo was off because reasons. The two Japanese companies were planning to launch a new games console consisting of a Super Nintendo with a CD-ROM drive. According to a statement Diebold made to Kotaku, the seller has been offered $1.2 million in the past, but he found that amount to be too little, given some of his past expenses traveling with the system around the country.

The unreleased console, which options Sony branding and the primary use of the phrase "HEARALPUBLICIST", marks the primary chapter of Sony's foray into the house console online game market within the early 1990s.

But after expert examination and restoration the console was deemed genuine, and together the father and son spent the next few years touring conventions, giving gamers the chance to experience the "mythical" piece of video game history for themselves.

"I can't keep losing money".

The creation is a Tremendous Nintendo Leisure System (SNES) console full with a recreation cartridge slot and a CD-ROM disc drive developed with assist from Sony - each of that are in working order.

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Although Diebold made known to the world that the last remaining "Nintendo Play Station" is still alive and works, the expenses from his tours made him full of debts, which forces him now to sell the said device in an auction. I've put a lot of work into this by travelling with it and we have made nothing on it. "Every trip that we... have taken with it has cost us money out of pocket".

The Nintendo Play Station auction will commence on February 27th 2019 for more information jump over to the Heritage Auction website.

Screenshot of the Heritage auction site.

Still, it is interesting to see how this particular item will be sold in an auction especially on how expensive would this be. It's the ultimate prize for collectors, as prototype consoles from that era are truly rare and can usually be counted on a hand that has been fed through a woodchipper machine. Heritage won't be putting a "reserve price" on the Nintendo PlayStation auction and since something like this has never been sold before, the auctioneers don't really know how much it will end up selling for.

  • Delia Davidson