Donald Trump calls for Ukraine ambassador's firing in leaked recording

When Kurtz asked Grisham to clarify what Trump meant by saying Schiff "hasn't paid the price", she replied, "I haven't talked to him about it yet", but that she thinks "he means he hasn't yet paid the price with the voters".

This audio recording serves as a major blow to Trump's continued insistence that he knows neither Parnas or Fruman. "Trump finally did remove the ambassador, but if there were legitimate reasons to do so, why this secretive campaign against her?" "Get her out tomorrow".

"This is about what could happen in 2020, and I thought the House did a very professional, very careful job with it, and I've served with some of the Republicans who are still there in the Senate, and I find it absolutely beyond my understanding why they're so cowed, so terrified to do what majority know they should do".

The video, obtained by Reuters from Lev Parnas's attorney Joseph Bondy, begins with Mr Trump posing for photos then entering a room with a table set for 15, including a close-up of the President's place setting.

When it is clear that Trump does not understand the significance of the numerology or the messiah, Parnas tells him to ask his Jewish son-in-law, Jared Kushner, about it, saying that Kushner "will explain it to you". He goes on to concede that he did not actually believe that to be true.

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Authorities detained 402 of the migrants and moved them to immigration shelters where they could face removal by air to Honduras. Over the weekend, authorities officers satisfied about 1,000 individuals they need to enter legally over the border bridge.

Clinton said GOP is unwilling to "entertain the seriousness and implications" of the charges against Trump and is "basically deriding" the case, including through some senators' refusal to call witnesses, according to The Hollywood Reporter. Yovanovitch said she was told by the State Department that she was being recalled because of concerns about her "security". Parnas has released multiple photographs showing him with not just Trump but his children and grandchildren.

In October, Parnas and Fruman were arrested and charged with making illegal campaign contributions - charges for which they have pleaded not guilty. "Whether it's Benghazi or Fast and Furious, it's fundamental to the Congress' ability to hold the executive to account", he said, referring to two previous congressional investigations. He played a key role in Giuliani's effort to dig up dirt on Biden in Ukraine for Trump.

On the tape, Mr Parnas at one point is heard describing the USA ambassador in Ukraine as "the biggest problem there". On social media, where the the terms #GetRidOfHer and #TakeHerOut trended after the tape surfaced on Friday, there was the more extreme and dark interpretation in anti-Trump circles about why the man who made the expression "you're fired" his own on the show "The Apprentice" simply did not use that term.

A video recording of an 80-minute dinner at the Trump Hotel in Washington was obtained on January 25 by the AP. Hunter Biden can't tell us anything about that, ' he said, referencing former Vice President Joe Biden's son hunter Biden.

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