Google Pixel 4 users complain of Face Unlock failure issues

The launch of the fourth generation of Google Pixel flagships saw it abandon a long-standing feature - the fingerprint scanner - to be replaced entirely with face unlocking made possible by the tech giant's Project Soli radar technology.

Google Pixel 4 introduced an advanced facial recognition system that serves as the primary means of authenticating the phone. Hardware not available". Some have also seen the error message "Can't verify face. Multiple reports of annoying users of Pixel 4 have appeared online in the official Pixel support forum, as well as in Reddit, detailing the problem of facial unlocking, but so far, a concrete solution has not yet been discovered. Meanwhile, a number of users first incurred the problem after updating their Pixel 4 phones with the December security patch. However, it is also occurring without getting the update.

For all the users who are affected by this issue was notified that they need to re-enrol in the face unlock. "Try again." This happens when attempting to unlock the device using the built-in biometric authentication system. But, if the user removes or re-add their face data to fix the problem then also the issue is not being solved.

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But when users tried to re-register their face after deleting existing data, they get a "Can't verify face".

Restarting the phone in safe mode reportedly doesn't help.

In some cases, the face unlock system simply stopped working after installing the January security update. Although some reports indicate that the issue was resolved after a factory reset, others are running into the same problem even after a wipe. If you do do the factory reset, make sure to take a complete backup of your device first.

  • Delia Davidson