House Democrats, White House lay out arguments before trial

Other moderate Republicans, like Susan Collins and Rand Paul, have also said they would likely vote for the ability to call witnesses following opening arguments.

Both men have been a defender of Mr Trump on Fox News - the president's favourite cable network.

"The senate must do its constitutional duty to address the constant threat that the president poses to the nation by condemning him and removing him from his office", the short says.

"This is a brazen and unlawful attempt to overturn the results of the 2016 election and interfere with the 2020 election, now just months away", the document states. Trump has dismissed those allegations.

And they once again attacked the process by which House Democrats impeached Mr Trump, accusing them of denying the President his due process rights.

The team pointed to the fact that the President released transcripts of both the July 25 phone call and an earlier one on April 21 to argue the conversations were "perfectly legal, completely appropriate and taken in furtherance of our national interest". Other members of the team expect to give discrete presentations on specific topics.

The House managers, or prosecutors in the impeachment trial, filed their official brief on Saturday, in which they said that Trump's conduct "is the Framers' worst nightmare", referring to the authors of the US Constitution.

Trump is the third United States president to be impeached.

The President's lawyers did not deny any of the core facts underlying Democrats' charges, conceding what ample evidence has shown, that he withheld US$391 million (S$526 million) in aid from Ukraine and asked the country's president to investigate former vice-president Joe Biden and his son, Hunter.

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All eyes were on Iraq, where America and Iran have competed for influence since the 2003 USA -led invasion. The notification was classified and it was not known if a public version would be released.

"Why are they doing this to me", the source quoted Trump as saying repeatedly.

Ray, former Whitewater Independent Counsel, pointed out to Bartiromo that House Speaker Nancy Pelosi was seen "essentially celebrating the notion that the stain of impeachment exists and exists forever".

"There are only two counts and not exactly a mountain of evidence". Biden was carrying out official US policy, a view that was shared by European allies and the International Monetary Fund, according to the filing. They point to the 12 Trump officials who declined to appear for requested testimony, "nine of whom did so in defiance of duly authorized subpoenas".

The response came as the Democrats filed their brief for the proceedings.

Another US president, Richard Nixon, resigned in August 1974 before the House could vote on his impeachment, thus avoiding a removal trial in the Senate. When discussing Watergate, the disgraced president didn't back down from his expansive view of presidential power.

The seven House impeachment managers, led by House Intelligence Chairman Adam Schiff, are returning to Washington Sunday to prepare for the trial, according to Democratic aides. He must be removed from office. His report highlighted several episodes that could amount to obstruction of justice, but it left it up to Congress to weigh the severity of those offenses.

In a 111-page document, they laid out their arguments supporting charges of abuse of power and obstruction of Congress against the President.

His Senate impeachment trial opens Tuesday. "And when the president was caught, he tried to cover it up by obstructing the House's investigation of his misconduct. The president has admitted to the wrongdoing ... you have to rely on the argument that even if he abused his office in this horrendous way that it's not impeachable", the California Democrat said.

  • Sonia Alvarado