Man kills coyote with bare hands after it attacks his son

A hero New Hampshire father suffocated a coyote to death with his bare hands after the beast attacked his child on Monday, police said.

"There was no running away, it would not allow us to run away", O'Reilly tells CBS Boston. "The fact that when we tried to kick and push and get rid of him, it became clear that he was not disengaging".

"The coyote came out of the woods and grabbed a child by the jacket".

O'Reilly explained he initially tried to "deescalate" the situation by "kicking" the coyote, but he ultimately knew that killing the animal was the only way he and his family would make it out alive.

At around 11 a.m. on Monday, police received an alarming call about a coyote attacking a family while walking on the trail to Exeter, the Kensington Police Department shared in a statement on Facebook.

The Kensington police chief, Scott Cain, said O'Reilly may have saved others from being attacked by the coyote. "It went down. I just gripped its snout and then just kept it in the snow ... and then just continued to hold it down". The coyote remained aggressive, biting O'Reilly on his arms and chest.

"In the middle of the moment, you're not really thinking or. recording a whole lot", he said. He also suggested that O'Reilly might have saved others from a particularly risky animal.

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O'Reilly said he pushed the coyote's snout into the snow and held it there.

At 8:40 a.m. that same morning, police received a call of a coyote attacking a vehicle on Drinkwater Road.

New Hampshire's fish and game department was testing the coyote for rabies, according to 25 News.

Kensington police had shared a photo of a coyote chasing a vehicle earlier in the day and warned residents, though it's not clear if it's the same one. According to police, the woman said the coyote was on her three-season porch and her two dogs had opened the door when they were attacked.

The family has since sought medical treatment and O'Reilly has already received his first round of rabies shots, Boston 25 News reported.

Law enforcement officials were searching for the coyote when they got word that it had been killed.

Pat Lee was bitten as she fought to keep the critter out of her house.

  • Sonia Alvarado