Off-Facebook Activity & Clear History Tool

Facebook has recorded its first annual fall in profits in at least five years, as its efforts to respond to privacy and content concerns took a toll on the firm's bottom line. Facebook replaced the tag suggestion tool with a broader facial recognition setting a year ago.

"The information you disconnect will no longer be connected to your account", Facebook says. Others just want to tell Facebook you're never, ever getting back together - but couldn't figure out what to click on.

The tool has three key functions: showing the list of sites/apps and the interactions they have shared with Facebook (from the news you read to the product you opened at Myntra/Flipkart), disconnecting that data history, and managing future interactions.

However, Facebook says it is still seeing an increase in user activity in the main Facebook app as it introduces new services that give consumers new outlets for spending time.

Off-Facebook activity can be tracked in the latest version of the app or on the Facebook website.

Manage Future Activity - An option to turn off Off-Facebook Activity entirely to prevent the linking of third-party data with the Facebook account in the future.

The site then uses that information for their ads. His company remains in the spotlight over ongoing controversies like Facebook's refusal to fact-check political ads.

Image Source Facebook
Image Source Facebook

Other businesses send us information about your activity on their sites and we use that information to show you ads that are relevant to you.

This data is collected by not only tracking their activity on all Facebook apps/services but also gathering web activity data from third-party apps, websites they visit across the internet. "This data can still be used without being linked to an individual user to allow us to let businesses know how their website, app or ads are performing".

Facebook had a strong fourth quarter, making more money on advertising and adding more users despite challenges around regulation, privacy and efforts to fight election interference. I conduct a regular app census where I delete the ones I don't use and remove access to my location and other sensitive data from the ones I keep.

Facebook has launched the much-awaited Clear History Tool globally, as mentioned by Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg in his blog post that talks about giving more control to users over privacy.

We receive Jane's off-Facebook activity and we save it with her Facebook account.

Until there are clearer privacy laws in the USA, protecting yourself is going to remain an arms race. While Facebook works with law enforcement officials in the root out interference from Russia, China, Iran and elsewhere, he said the threat is not just interference.

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