Prince Charles appears to snub Pence at Holocaust forum

Tweet reads: "Putin passed Pence and shook Macron's and Charles's hands".

Charles, 71, then approaches Pence, briefly looks at him, but moves on without shaking the U.S. vice-president's hand and greets Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

A microphone picked up Israeli President Benjamin Netanyahu and US Vice President Mike Pence discussing the impeachment of US President Donald Trump on Thursday, January 23, with Pence describing Trump as "unstoppable".

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To reiterate her statement, Waldman also posted an image of the two leaders smiling and interacting on Twitter. Press secretary Katie Waldman released another clip purporting to show Pence and Charles backstage at the event in which they appear to be talking congenially - though the video has no sound, and Charles does not shake Pence's hand in that clip either.

However, both Prince Charles and the Vice President have denied that there was any animosity between them, with Clarence House explaining that the future King hadn't ignored President Trump's deputy, but they had a "warm and friendly" chat earlier in the day.

One person who did not snub the Vice President was Russian President Vladimir Putin, who did shake Pence's hand. VP and Prince Charles spoke prior to entering the event floor and after his remarks as well'. While there, Prince Charles greeted fellow attendees, sharing pleasantries as he made his way down a line of world leaders.

  • Sonia Alvarado