Sony files patent for new PlayStation controller with extra buttons

In fact, 2020 will begin in a few hours, the year that will see the arrival of PlayStation 5 on the market. With the new system came a completely redesigned controller that Sony designated as DualShock 4.

The other difference between the patent design and the current generation controller is the lack of a PS (home) button, which is now located between the thumbsticks on the DS4. It also announced that a new and upgraded controller was coming and now, a new patent suggests that it could arrive with two buttons on the bottom. It lacks the bulk of an attached accessory, but it is functionally identical, with two pedal-like buttons at the back. Its design is nearly the same as the Dualshock 4 controllers, however, the PS button has disappeared and two additional buttons are visible on the bottom.

A patent for a new PlayStation controller has hit the web.

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Sony has filed a new patent for an updated DualShock controller and it could reveal our first glimpse at the PlayStation 5 design with a number of unique features. It also ditches the Home button causing one to wonder what solution Sony has to replace its functions. This may be because PS5 development hardware and software are more advance.

The controller details present in this patent brings back memories of what Sony revealed earlier this month, the Back Button Attachment. If both terms are indeed associated with the PlayStation 5, it only means that Sony might not use AMD technology for variable rate shading and ray tracing. In addition, the focus on personalization is an interesting route for Sony, and could point towards more accessible designs for peripherals for PlayStation 5. Graduated from Midwestern State University with a degree in English, where he worked as editor of the University's literary magazine. "Right now, game performance is better on PS5".

  • Delia Davidson