The Witcher season 2 news, rumours, casting and release date

The Witcher is well on its way to becoming the most watched season in Netflix history. An entry in the Writers Guild of America (WGA) website indicates that The Witcher: Nightmare Of The Wolf is an animated movie that's now in development. So all those times you've gone to the bathroom after a binge and Netflix has immediately launched a new series - yeah, you now officially count as one view. We've reached out to Netflix's UK PR agency for The Witcher and asked if there's any truth to these reports. The series quickly became one of the most popular on the platform, we may have an animated spin-off and showrunner Lauren Hissrich has already said they have plans for a story spanning seven seasons.

Nonetheless, it creates an apples and oranges state of affairs between The Witcher and former Netflix document holders. On Tuesday, Netflix said it now measured a view when a subscriber "chose to watch and did watch for at least 2 minutes - long enough to indicate the choice was intentional".

Netflix says that the show's success is due to pent up demand for the show off the back of the original books from Polish author Andrzej Sapkowski, as well as the video games from studio CD Projekt RED.

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Given the 35% increase in viewership, we can assume that you were seen in the first season by 54 million households - far removed from The Witcher's 76 million. Beforehand, Netflix reported viewing figures primarily based mostly totally on the necessity of accounts that had considered a TV episode or movie to as a minimal 70% completion.

Nielsen said Martin Scorsese's The Irishman drew 13.16 million USA viewers over its first five days of release, with 17.1 million watching at least part of the three-hour-and-30-minute film. So yes, 76 million people watched at least two minutes of the Witcher - but I've certainly watched more than two minutes of shows I haven't finished. Season 2 was announced on November 13, around six weeks before the release of the first season. Following this move, one might even assume that Netflix views its programming closer to Internet content and less to television shows and movies.

  • Michelle Webb