Arrive on 2019 LG TVs

You can also subscribe to Apple TV Channels, which offer access to premium video services from third-party providers, such as CBS All Access, NBC, and Starz.

The firm revealed a brand-new schedule of TVs for 2020 at CES last month with the Apple TV app now packed; 2018 TVs will certainly likewise obtain the app at some time later on this year.

The Apple TV app, AirPlay 2, and HomeKit will now work on all of LG's 2019 OLED TVs, NanoCell TVs (series SM9X and SM8X).

After previously saying that it would bring Apple TV to its smart TVs, LG has now said it is finally updating 2019 TVs with the app. LG was an early adopter of Dolby technology, and its latest TVs continue to support Dolby Vision, offering users the most immersive viewing experience with truly vivid colors, greater depth and stunningly realistic sound.

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All LG 2020 TVs will get the applications from launch, while later this year LG will release the features to even older models of 2018.

Previously, users were able to stream Apple TV originals to select LG TVs using AirPlay 2.0. According to Apple's website, other TV manufacturers including Sony and VIZIO, only offer AirPlay 2 support for now.

Apple's smart home infrastructure HomeKit is also supported by LG, making it possible for customers to control their TV via voice through Siri.

With the launch of Apple TV Plus, Apple (once notoriously closed for allowing its software to run on third-party devices) began to relax which devices could get the TV application, an important step as it seems to challenge Netflix's dominance in the broadcast space and fight against the new Disney Plus competition.

  • Delia Davidson