Bon Iver And Vampire Weekend Endorsed Bernie Sanders At Rally Concerts

Sen. Bernie Sanders' campaign also claimed a win in Iowa, citing its own unverified numbers.

Senators Elizabeth Warren, Bernie Sanders and Amy Klobuchar travelled from the Granite State down to the nation's capital to participate in history after conducting a few events in the morning and working hard to gain supporters ahead of a crucial vote. The Strokes frontman Julian Casablancas released a statement regarding his bands backing of Sanders, "We are honored to be associated with such a dedicated, diligent, & trustworthy patriot-and fellow native New Yorker".

He's up by 9 points over Biden in New Hampshire.

In a series of tweets, Warren reiterated her stance on immigration, asserting that it "does not make this country weaker".

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Judd connected these childhood experiences to those of Warren, who attributes her choice to become one of the foremost experts on bankruptcy law in the country to growing up in Oklahoma and watching her mother take a minimum-wage job to save the house after her father had a heart attack. "She abso-fucking-lutely does something about it". Just because people really realize that he tells the truth.

Warren opted to cut her usual after-rally selfie line short to board a plane to the Capitol saying "usually I can stay forever to do selfies, today I am headed to Washington to vote for the impeachment of Donald Trump".

"I've been a lifelong Republican", Aileen Maconi, a New Hampshire voter, told me. "It means that future presidents can say to a governor, 'Hey, I got some infrastructure money for you, but you're not gonna get your fair share unless I get your endorsement, or go to China and say, 'Hey China, I need some help in my coming election, see what kind of dirt you can dig up on my opponent, and we'll give you a better trade agreement'".

"As the lone senator blocking privatizers from appointment to the Postal Board of Governors it was clear that Bernie Sanders is on the side of postal workers", said APWU president Mark Dimondstein.

  • Sonia Alvarado