Camas High School principal resigns after Kobe Bryant comments

A high school teacher has apologized after being placed on leave over an "inappropriate and tasteless" Facebook post she wrote on the day of Kobe Bryant's death.

After hearing the initial news of his death, Camas High Principal Liza Sejkora posted to her personal Facebook profile, The Columbian reported.

Bryant, 41, his 13-year-old daughter, Gianna "Gigi" Bryant, alongside seven other passengers tragically lost their lives when the helicopter they were on board crashed near Calabasas in Los Angeles.

Bryant was accused of raping an employee at a Colorado resort in 2003. "I don't think it's something that we should keep hanging over his legacy".

Screengrabs of Sejkora's post would soon make the rounds, sparking a community outcry.

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"I do not see a path to fix that trust that can happen in a way that doesn't continue to compromise your educational experience here at Camas High School", he said.

The school district said Sejkora had been put on leave "in light of threats to ... You are free to judge me for the post just as I am free to judge the person the post was about". Today, I apologized to my staff, and now I apologize to you.

The next day, she sent a message to families apologizing for suggesting that Bryant's death was deserved, and apologizing for the disruption her post caused at school. Many students at Camas High School will stage a walkout in protest of her actions. He said the two had consensual sex, and prosecutors later dropped a felony sexual assault charge at the request of the accuser.

Snell said he'd be taking over as school leader during Sejkora's leave.

"Trust between a principal and a school is so critical, and it's become clear to me in my time here that that trust has been broken", Camas School District Superintendent Jeff Snell said in a video directed to students. I love being principal at Camas High School. "Those types of things, you just really can't be saying that". "Even if there's a few times that we've been at a club at the same time, Kobe's not the kind of guy, never been, like, 'Lis, go get that girl, or tell her, or send her this.' I have other National Basketball Association friends that are like that". According to court documents, the 19-year-old woman had bruising on her neck and there was blood on her underwear and on Bryant's shirt. "I've learned an important lesson and I hope that I can earn your trust back", she wrote.

  • Sonia Alvarado