Canadians test positive for coronavirus on quarantined cruise ship

Japan's Ministry of Health, Labor, and Welfare said that the 88 cases were confirmed after testing 681 people aboard the ship. Hubei in part has the largest share of virus cases in China because it is the only province that discloses so called clinical cases - symptomatic patients who haven't tested positive for the virus. The same measures will apply to the crew. Most of the passengers to be released on Wednesday will be Japanese, with priority being given to the elderly.

An American woman who had been on the Westerdam cruise ship tested positive for the virus at the weekend after a special flight chartered by the cruise line reached Malaysia, prompting renewed scrutiny for the hundreds of passengers and crew still on board or ashore in Cambodia.

One of the new cases was a Russian woman, the Russian Embassy in Tokyo said on Twitter, and two were Australians, according to the Australian Broadcasting Corporation.

Mr. Haering, who said that he no longer had any symptoms or a fever but that a CT scan showed signs of pneumonia, was not sure how much longer he would have to stay. Both men are in their 60s.

The Diamond Princess has been held in the port city of Yokohama since February 3, after a man who disembarked from the ship in Hong Kong was diagnosed with the virus, to prevent sickening others.

Authorities say the virus is now being transmitted locally, and have asked citizens to avoid crowds and non-essential gatherings.

Omi said quarantine is one of the measures considered effective early on. We are NOT being taken to a hospital but a hostel. A government spokesperson has confirmed that clinical trials will be held, however, a new drug for the treatment of the infection hasn't been approved. But because the evacuation had already begun by the time Japanese officials relayed those results, officials made a decision to let the infected evacuees, who were not yet exhibiting symptoms, board the planes and sit in the back, separated from other passengers by plastic sheets about 10 feet tall.

She met health workers, Canadian Armed Forces members and staff from the Red Cross, who are all trying to keep the people in quarantine healthy and not too bored while they wait out the incubation period for the respiratory illness.

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Julien Bergeron, left, tested positive for the virus.

"We are working closely with the Japanese government, the Foreign Ministry and emergency services to safely bring home the Israeli citizens".

Hajdu said the length of time evacuees spend in quarantine at the base may vary by person depending on symptoms.

Julien Bergeron tested positive for the virus known as COVID-19 and his partner, Manon Trudel, is still awaiting her results.

"It's an unfortunate event occurring on the ship and we trust that the authorities in Japan and the governments who are taking back people will be able to follow up those individuals in the appropriate way", he said.

Australia, Canada, Israel, Italy and Hong Kong were also planning to repatriate citizens from the cruise.

Prime Minister Shinzo Abe instructed his ruling Liberal Democratic Party to consider postponing or reducing the size of its annual general meeting scheduled for March 8 as infections spread.

On Monday, the amateur portion of the Tokyo Marathon - which had been expected to attract some 38,000 runners - was cancelled.

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