Iowa's muddled vote count was a debacle, but not for Joe Biden

Seventy-five per cent of the vote has now been counted, with the results of the caucus heavily delayed due to multiple technical malfunctions on a new voting app which had been created to speed up the process.

On Monday, some of Buttigieg's major donors were glued to their phones frantically texting each other as precinct results came in - a sign that some of his top supporters knew the stakes of the Buttigieg placing competitively in Iowa.

"The media is ready to go and everyone's ready to declare a victor and the candidates have their speeches and there's this sense of anticipation", says Rick Hasen, an election law expert who's just written a book - Election Meltdown: Dirty Tricks, Distrust, and the Threat to American Democracy - about all the things that could go wrong in 2020.

It was unclear when Iowa's full results would be released.

Not only do they require sustained participation that can make it hard for a variety of demographics to get involved, not necessarily representing public opinion even in their own locales, but Iowa is notably not exactly representative of the makeup of the broader electorate, especially when it comes to the Democratic party, where other states might be a much better fit. "We've been working day and night to make sure these results are accurate".

Asked in New Hampshire about his possible poor Iowa finish, Biden cautioned reporters to wait until all the results were in.

If elected, Buttigieg, 38, would be the first openly gay USA president.

President Donald Trump won the Republican contest with 97 percent of the vote, but the Democratic vote was in disarray because of what state officials called a "coding issue".

"I just don't understand what that means, at least half of the data. I think there is a portion of candidates, like Biden and Buttigieg, who will continue down the money road".

The debacle - which Trump of course jumped on via a tweet - could slow the momentum for extreme left wing candidates (both generally viewed as anti-investor) Senators Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren.

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I am a Republican veteran, businessman, father, donor and voter from the presidential campaigns of Barry Goldwater through John McCain.

With results from the nation's first early voting state still trickling in with South Bend Mayor Pete Buttigieg and Sen.

"New Hampshire is famous for thinking for itself", Buttigieg said at a campaign stop in Portsmouth. Click the link to confirm your subscription and begin receiving our newsletters. (Joe Biden wasn't even close to being viable.) Sanders got three delegates; Warren, Buttigieg, and Klobuchar each got two. "He has a big problem", Axelrod said.

After more than 24 hours of delays and what will likely end up being a course-altering display of ineptitude, the Iowa Democratic Party has revealed its results, all 71 percent of them, with no indication of when the remaining 29 percent will turn up. "We feel really bad about that", Niemira told Bloomberg.

Sanders adviser Jeff Weaver thanked party officials, and encouraged other campaigns not to undermine the party.

MONTANARO: You know, for Biden, this is not a good result.

Biden acknowledged that "this is not the first time in my life I've been knocked down".

The Associated Press will declare a victor based on the number of state delegates each candidate wins, which has been the traditional standard.

Sanders was a 25.4 percent, followed by Sen. She needed to do better than fifth place and 12 percent to get that "ticket out of Iowa".

Sanders, 78, was ahead in the Iowa popular vote, which is not used to determine the delegates who will cast ballots at the Democratic National Convention in July.

"After more than a year of this primary, the field is as unsettled as ever", Bloomberg spokeswoman Sabrina Singh said.

  • Delia Davidson