Ubisoft Claims PS5 Will Play Most of Its PS4 Games

The Xbox boss added that he likes occasionally trying "something bold" and indicated that Xbox will be approaching Series X's reveals between now and launch differently to how it has with past consoles. We're never going to close our eyes to where things are going, I don't hope it goes away.

"But he doesn't want to do that with the exclusion of everyone else and he also wants to do it hand in hand with developers because developers want to find the largest possible audience at the same time". Xbox themselves announced Xbox original, Xbox 360 and Xbox One games would play on the Xbox Series X so if PlayStation don't follow suit, Microsoft could have a slight head-start heading into the next generation. "And we built this plan with all three of those as inputs and we feel really good about where we are". Later in the interview, Spencer discussed GamePass further as an advantage not just for players, and not just for developers who want visibility, but also those who are looking for longer-term buy-in beyond launch window hype. "But to be completely honest with you, I could be sitting with you today and it could've been a disaster". We know this because the developer just announced Warlords of NY - a meaty looking expansion that's set to launch in early March. Speaking on how they'll be communicating and marketing Xbox Series X going forward, Spencer claimed they are "trying to think about things in a different way".

"I think what you're asking about is, could we have more homegrown, first-party content that's developed there, and I'll just say that I think we can", Spencer explained.

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Despite being bullish on its Game Pass subscription service, stating, "The third parties are finding players that would never be playing their games if they were exclusively relying on retail as the only way for people to find their games", Spencer was keen to highlight that this would be balanced with traditional console software sales. "They just wish they saw more Xboxes in the stores around here".

Despite that, Spencer says that Xbox is not interested in a future in which subscription services such as Game Pass eliminate traditional game sales.

  • Delia Davidson