1st coronavirus death in United Kingdom confirmed as infected cases rise to 115

United Kingdom cases will keep rising and infections are taking place between Britons, Chief Medical Officer Chris Whitty said today.

A patient who tested positive for the Covid 19 strain had tested positive on Wednesday, March 4., at the Royal Berkshire Hospital.

"We will not be commenting further and ask that everybody respects the family's privacy".

The statement says: "Sadly, we can confirm that an older patient with underlying health conditions has died".

The person, who was not identified, is among the 115 people in the United Kingdom who have tested positive for the new virus.

Britain has up to now enrolled 90 instances of coronavirus, also called COVID-19, which began in China, but has held away from introducing steps to limit movement or to cancel events for fear of damaging the market.

He said: "The government has supplies of the key things that are needed".

It urges anyone returning from the country in the past fortnight who develops symptoms to self-isolate. The 115 positive cases included 25 more people in England as well as previously reported cases in Northern Ireland, Wales and Scotland.

"We have moved to a situation where people have very minimal symptoms and we think they are clinically safe and they are able to self-isolate, we think it is actually safer for them as well as more pleasant if they can self-isolate in their own homes", he said.

UK reports first coronavirus death as Govt warns the virus is 'highly likely' to spread further
Patient with coronavirus dies as diagnosed cases surge to 116

Mr Hancock said: "If this virus becomes established around the world, there is no way in stopping it from getting to Britain eventually".

He said some people with coronavirus in the United Kingdom had "suffered vilifications on social media" and sometimes in the mainstream media.

Giving evidence to the Health Select Committee, Prof Chris Whitty said: 'I'm expecting the number only to go up'.

He said: 'We have moved from a situation where we are mainly in contain, with some delay built in, to we are now mainly delay'.

"Our sympathies are very much with the victim and their family", Prime Minister Boris Johnson told reporters.

However, Prof Whitty said closing schools would possibly only have a "marginal effect", adding that children do not appear to be as badly affected by Covid-19 as other groups.

It follows Prof Whitty's warning earlier that deaths in the United Kingdom from the virus could reach a "large absolute number".

And he said pregnant women should not start worrying about coronavirus, but advised any smoker to stop. It then takes up to a week to recover, with the serious illness setting in for some after six days.

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