Dolly Parton’s Heartbreaking Tribute to Kenny Rogers Joins Condolences From Country Stars

Rogers' family said that because of coronavirus concerns, services would be small and private, but that a larger memorial - perhaps a concert - was likely once the pandemic risk has faded. The icon's passing may have been overshadowed by the corona but his rustic, sometimes husky voice will continue dominating the airwaves for decades to come while his lyrics will forever drive lovers of country music for he was a "god" who used his voice and box guitar to mersmerise his worshipers, holding them captive.

His family announced his death on Rogers' Twitter account, noting "he passed away peacefully at home" from natural causes.

I've watched bar patrons form a convivial half-circle, arms linked around their spilling special-offer-big-lime bottles of Carib and Stag, or their Supligen-tinged-Mackesons, wailing out your music long past the point of propriety, faces red, beer bellies wobbling with feeling, vehicle and truck doors flung open till the vehicular bass rattled every window, prompted every curse from neighbours needing sleep for work the next morning.

"As one of the first artists to successfully master the country/pop crossover, Rogers touched the lives of millions worldwide and led the way for many notable artists who followed".

The singer and 52-year-old beauty are parents to 14-year-old identical twin sons, Jordan and Justin.

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Rogers grew up in public housing in Houston Heights along with his seven siblings. "I will miss you, pal". After the break-up, Rogers began his solo career, finding a big hit with the country music ballad Lucille in 1977. "Please tell mama and daddy hi for me". We really got to know Kenny through the years and are thankful for the memories.

"Someone once asked me if I ever get exhausted of singing my hits and I said, 'No, because I'd hate to be the guy who goes out there without them, ' because that's a great comfort zone".

The clip was originally posted in 2015 and features the singer announcing his retirement from touring. The superstar and Rogers were longtime friends and often recorded and shared the stage together.

Oh gosh boy, Kenny Rogers. He had a chain of restaurants called Kenny Rogers Roasters and was a partner behind a riverboat in Branson, Missouri. Still he was an inventive businessman and never stopped trying to find his way back onto the charts. But the most poignant message is derived from his all-time favourite, Lady, a song which had been written by Lionel Richie but was rejected by his group the Commodores in 1980. "What a character. There never has been and never will be another one like him".

That cross-promotional event earned him his first No. 1 country song in 13 years.

  • Michelle Webb