Florida sheriff needs your help with 'Tiger King' cold case

Shaquille O'Neal is trying to distance himself from Joe Exotic after appearing in the "Tiger King" documentary on Netflix that has people buzzing.

Tiger King: Murder, Mayhem and Madness is now streaming on Netflix.

While this ridiculous saga and its central focus, "gay, gun-toting redneck with a mullet"/exotic animal hoarder/living cartoon character Joe Exotic, offer plenty of unusual tangents to sink your fangs into, the show spends a not-insignificant amount of time spotlighting Joe's favorite side hustle: his burgeoning country music career...

The feeding frenzy has only intensified as the seven-episode docuseries became the most streamed show on Netflix in America while many remain home in coronavirus lockdown.

Here's Where You Could Be Arrested or Fined for Violating Coronavirus Lockdowns
As of Sunday morning there are 30,765 cases of coronavirus in NY city itself and over 53,000 in the entire state of NY . Now that it's become clear NY was unable to evade the virus, de Blasio argues "none of us have time to look backward".

In his latest Instagram post, the Ohio MMA star and Valley View firefighter posted an image of himself as the Tiger King with a fancy auto, fur coat and tiger. "We know so much more than that documentary showed", Lowe said to Spade about the mystery that looms over the series. Later adding, "Who you think is more wrong?" Clinton and Johnson worked with Exotic for the promise of exposure from his green-lit reality show that never happened, though Exotic did have a YouTube series, Joe Exotic TV.

The singer's sympathy for Joe Exotic reached a fever pitch when she suggested that she may start a GoFundMe page for him.

"So we go in there, and it's a attractive place, and the character that was there was Exotic Joe". Do I put donations to these zoos to help these tigers out? I rescheduled an appointment for him to see the specialist Dr. The other thing I would say about all these people is that there was a lack of intellectual curiosity to really go and understand or even see these animals in the wild.

"I love tigers", O'Neal said on "The Big Podcast with Shaq". As satisfying, depressing, and compelling the human stories of Tiger King are, how they parallel this moment in history (right down to the tigers themselves, largely forgotten by the protagonists of the series in their fight for attention and moral supremacy) is what makes it a worthy ascendant into the pantheon of cultural touchstones. "Two grand? I'm definitely getting a couple tigers", wrote comedian Michael Ian Black.

  • Michelle Webb