'Irresponsible and incompetent' Trump condemned after labelling coronavirus Chinese

According to a new report from the South China Morning Post, the first earlier case of coronavirus Covid-19 actually took place on November 17, 2019 when a 55 year-old from Hubei province contracted the virus, weeks before Chinese authorities announced the emergence of the new virus.

"It's not racist at all", Trump said, adding that he calls it the "Chinese virus" because he wants to be accurate. "Our military did not give it to anybody", Trump said during a White House press briefing. Furthermore, China has unleashed an army of online bots on social-media platforms to spread its false propaganda campaign that the U.S.is responsible for initiating the COVID-19 pandemic.

The US State Department on Monday said that Pompeo, in a call with the director of China's Office of Foreign Affairs, Yang Jiechi, had urged Beijing to stop the spread of "disinformation" and "outlandish rumours".

But while the Trump base can still respond positively to China's blame, there is another subsection of the Americans who could face very real risks because of this.

Woke media elites are concentrating on the president's terminology after Chinese officials complained about USA officials and American media outlets of connecting China with the virus that began in the Chinese city of Wuhan.

However, she has repeatedly referred to another virus that originated in Africa - Ebola Virus - by the name of the river and region where it was found.

A spokesman for the foreign ministry warned the USA should "take care of its own business" before stigmatising China.

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Asked whether his calling the rapidly spreading pandemic the "Chinese virus" creates a "stigma", Trump answered in the negative.

"It might be U.S. army who brought the epidemic to Wuhan".

On Tuesday, the President had similarly defended his use of the term "China virus". Make your data public!

In contrast, mainland China only had one case of locally transmitted infection on Monday, in Wuhan, capital of central Hubei province where the flu-like disease appeared in humans late past year. "United States owe us an explanation", Zhao wrote.

Just a few weeks ago, domestic anger government management of the epidemic and alleged initial cover-up was reaching boiling point, but nothing gathers people around the flag as general criticism of overseas, especially of people known to be hostile to China like Trump and many other Republican officials pushing this line.

According to Xinhua's account of the phone call between Yang and Pompeo, Yang warned the USA that "any scheme to smear China will be doomed to fail".

Other cities across the country enacted further measures to compel most people to stay indoors, and no new domestic infections have been detected outside Hubei for many days in a row.

  • Sonia Alvarado