NYC coronavirus cases increase by more than 100 in just one day

"No city in the state can quarantine itself without state approval, and I have no interest whatsoever and no plan whatsoever to quarantine any city".

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The mayor reiterated that residents should prepare for an unprecedented "shelter-in-place" order to contain the coronavirus. But he said he won't give the order without consulting with the governor.

On Monday evening, all casinos, gyms, movie theaters, bars and restaurants were ordered to close in New York, Connecticut and New Jersey in an effort to stop the spread of the coronavirus.

Earlier, Cuomo said that any new restrictions would need to be statewide, or possibly regional, to prevent individuals from trying to relocate themselves and risk further spreading the virus. "That's what we are exploring now".

Some 6.7 million people in the San Francisco Bay area have already been ordered to stay home for all but the most crucial outings until April 7.

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Covid-19 has infected more than 900 people in New York City, killing 10 in one of the country's largest coronavirus hotspots while city officials consider a "shelter in place" order, and as fatalities in the United States reached 108. Outside their homes, people are required to stay at least six feet from any other person, similar to how Italians must stand one meter away from each other when they go outside. "I feel very bad about that", Cuomo said.

"Essential Business" includes healthcare, grocery stores, media outlets, gas stations, and childcare.

"All New Yorkers, even though a decision has not been made by the city or the state, I think that all New Yorkers should be prepared right now for the possibility of a shelter-in-place order", he said, confirming there are more than 800 confirmed cases of COVID-19, the disease caused by the virus, in the city.

Cuomo's chief of staff Melissa DeRosa responded in a written statement. "Any blanket quarantine would require the State action and as the Governor has said, there is no consideration of that for any locality at this time". If COVID-19 peaks at that time, they would need 55,000 to 110,000 hospital beds and 18,600 to 37,000 intensive care beds. And he says he's putting aside his political differences with President Donald Trump, whom he has often feuded with, and asking the President to authorize the Army Corp of Engineers to quickly build new hospital space.

"It can not happen", Cuomo said in his Tuesday morning briefing. The Mayor underscored that the order will be a first in the history of New York City. "And the president was 100% honest in saying that he wanted to work together in a spirit of partnership and cooperation". "Our teams are talking to get to a resolution", he said.

Trump said he'd help NY but offered no specific promises, Cuomo said.

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