Pompeo: Every Nation Must Act After Iran Successfully Launches Satellite

The Iranian regime has a history of harassing USA vessels operating in the Persian Gulf.

Senior Pentagon officials said on Wednesday that President Donald Trump's comments on Iran were meant as a warning to Tehran, but suggested that the us military would continue to abide by their existing right to self defense instead of any changes to their rules.

Asked whether the tweet means a repeat of last week's incident in the Gulf would require a lethal US response, Hyten said, "I would have to be the captain of the ship in order to make that determination".

"Americans have experienced our power in the past and must learn from it".

Tensions between Washington and Tehran have been high after Trump withdrew from the 2015 Obama-era nuclear deal with Iran and several other countries.

According to Mousavi, the Swiss ambassador was given a note of protest in connection with the recent actions of the US Navy in the Persian Gulf.

Iran responded to Trump's post by claiming the USA should focus on saving its military from the coronavirus. Trump's decision set off a monthslong series of escalating attacks that culminated in a US drone strike in January that killed a top Iranian general in Iraq, followed by Tehran launching ballistic missiles at American soldiers in Iraq.

Pentagon officials are in "full agreement" with President Donald J.Trump who ordered the Navy to destroy any armed Iranian vessel that "harasses" American warships.

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The US military says the same long-range ballistic technology used to put satellites into orbit could allow Tehran to launch longer-range missiles, perhaps someday with nuclear warheads.

"What he was emphasising is all of our ships retain the right of self-defence", Norquist told reporters in a briefing.

"Iran's first military satellite, Noor, was launched this morning from central Iran in two stages".

Iranian state TV reported that the Revolutionary Guards launched Iran's first military satellite on Tuesday.

According to a statement from the USA 5th Fleet, the Iranian ships repeatedly crossed in front of and behind the US vessels at extremely close range and high speeds, including multiple crossings of one ship, the USS Lewis B. Puller, with a 50-yard closest point of approach.

On Wednesday, the U.S. secretary of State Mike Pomep warned Tehran of grave consequences of its action, saying: "I think Iran needs to be held accountable for what they've done".

Iran has requested a $5 billion emergency loan from the International Monetary Fund to help it tackle the outbreak.

  • Delia Davidson