BC health officials announce 53 new coronavirus cases, three more deaths

"We can not afford to have any missteps as we look to ease restrictions in the coming days and weeks", Henry said.

There are now 23 active outbreaks in long term care, acute care facilities or assisted living.

"So we all collectively have a vested interest in doing the right thing". "Until we have a vaccine, we know it's going to be here in some way and our job, our role, our goals in the next months is to ensure that we learn how to live with this virus in a safe way that protects people".

"Since we put our control measures in.in March, we have had a dramatic and sustained decrease in numbers of new cases", Henry said.

There are three outbreaks at poultry facilities: 54 cases of COVID-19 at Coquitlam's Superior Poultry; 35 at East Vancouver's United Poultry; and seven at Specialty Poultry in the Fraser Valley.

Henry confirmed the province continues to work under the assumption that B.C.is now at around 30 per cent of regular interactions, and said the virus can be kept in check if it stays below 60 per cent going forward.

"The more potential for transmission between people means that the virus will be able to increase exponentially and we might be in a situation that we've seen in other places in the world where we have a rapidly increasing outbreak, a rapidly increased number of people who need hospitalization", Dr. Henry said.

California county may have traced earliest United States coronavirus deaths
It was previously believed that the first U.S. victim of the virus was a man in Washington state who died on February 29. The county also announced that the March 9 death of a third person - a 70-year-old man - also was coronavirus-related.

"Our challenge, and our work together, is to find that sweet spot - somewhere around increasing our contacts by twice as many as we have now, but without allowing those opportunities for rapid exponential growth in our communities". "Smaller is better, outside is safer than inside". About 21 per cent of positive cases in B.C. have been health care workers; only eight per cent of whom were admitted to critical care. Data has shown men, people over 50 and people with chronic health conditions are the greatest risk of being hospitalized or dying from COVID-19. We understand this can be very anxiety provoking. "We must continue to stop the spread, while getting to a new normal", Dix said. The costs have been high, and higher for some.

"This will be a different summer than any of us has ever known", Dix said during the April 4 update from Victoria.

There were also three more deaths over the weekend, all of them in long term care here in the province, bringing the total number of people who've died to 117.

The new updated modelling arrives as BC Premier John Horgan is expected to announce the province's strategy for "gradually reopening" on Wednesday.

As of Saturday morning, there had been 15 COVID-19 cases in B.C. that are directly linked to that site.

Henry said there are 133 people between inmates and staff with COVID-19 associated with the ongoing outbreak at the Mission federal correctional institute in the Fraser Valley.

The province has had 2,224 total cases as of Monday afternoon, and most of the people confirmed infected were between 30 and 60 years old, with women representing just over half of all cases, Dr. Henry said.

  • Ismael Montgomery