California protesters demand end to virus restrictions

Hadwick said the county of about 9,000 n the state's far northeast corner on the OR border had not heard back from the governor about its reopening plan, but she asserted that the plan aligns with Newsom's indicators for reopening.

He didn't offer specifics but hinted next week could bring "very meaningful" news to retailers and restaurants if Californians continue to stay at home.

"We're gonna do a hard close in that part of the state, just in the Orange County area", Newsom said.

California is now in Stage 1, ABC 7 reports, with the general public staying at home and all "nonessential" businesses shut down.

However, in a news conference on Thursday, Newsom said that he didn't see the memo. "The Governor himself pointed out our success at practicing social distancing measures locally".

Moreover, Orange County Supervisor Michelle Steele said that the beach closures are "a clear example of unnecessary government overreach" and Newsom's reasoning was "arbitrary and capricious and an act of retribution against Orange County".

While Newsom has promised a cautious, phased reopening of the state, protesters don't want to wait.

Newsom made the announcement April 30, days after tens of thousands of people in Orange County packed beaches during a sunny weekend. The beach is in Orange County, which has seen more than 40 people die from COVID-19. "We're a small community", said owner Jodie Larranga.

Modoc County - one of California's most desolate jurisdictions with no known coronavirus cases - says it will allow bars, restaurants and churches to reopen Friday despite Gov. Gavin Newsom's statewide lockdown.

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The governor's order allowed retail businesses to return work Monday afternoon under social distancing guidelines. Universities and schools will stay closed through the remainder of the academic year.

In sparsely populated Modoc County, also near OR, schools, hair salons, churches, restaurants, the county's only movie theatre and other business will reopen Friday as long as people stay six feet apart, said Ned Coe, a cattle rancher and county supervisor.

"We remain steadfastly committed to following your executive orders, but actions that appear punitive when our residents have been faithful and fully compliant make this challenging", Cox wrote.

Some of the demonstrators waved American flags and carried signs that read "Freedom is Essential", "Trump 2020", or "Gruesome Newsom", while voicing anger at stay-at-home rules put in place to slow the spread of the virus.

"This disease doesn't know if you're a protester - Democrat, Republican or if you support the election of one candidate or the ouster of another", he said.

Newsom expressed optimism over the latest data showing that there was a 2% decline in hospitalizations over the past 24 hours and intensive care unit (ICU) cases were flat. That number, Newsom said, shows improvement in testing with more than 650,000 conducted since the outbreak began. He added that an update on the state's effort to train an "army of 10,000 contact tracers" will come during Monday's briefing.

"This really is the right move for Humboldt County", Frankovich said.

According to Newsom, the state has received 8.3 million surgical masks and that N95 masks and other equipment is expected to reach the state this month.

Sheriff William Honsal, who earlier today said he would not enforce such an order and that Northern California was being punished for the actions of Southern California residents, praised the change of course.

  • Sonia Alvarado